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Completion of play-testing sessions

The 4 play-testing sessions of the games that were created in the online festival Legends of Disability, were completed with much success!
We had the chance to try out games including role playing, pantomime, story telling and problem solving related to disability.

Through the games:

  • Much interest and interaction by the participants was observed and social messages that were developed  were assimilated by the participants.
  • Participants’ awareness on diversity, ability and equality were strenghtened.
  • Motives were given to further improve descriptive and expressive speech.
  • Social skills and skills related to team co-operation were developed.
  • Positive emotions were reinforced through the team interaction.

The innovative project Legends of Disability was implemented as part of the  Active citizens fund Greece  program, organised by Challedu and with the support of Best Buddies Greece, Περπατώ – Perpato και Φροντίζω.

For one more time we had fun in small groups adhering to all required health-related mesures!

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