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Commencement of Experiential Emotions-focused Workshops


This year we are commencing a new group of participants, which will participate in a series of experiential workshops, aiming at:

  • self-recognition and self-acceptance
  • managing and expressing emotions
  • enhancing positive feelings about self
  • developing well-being skills (optimism, gratitude, self-compassion, enjoy life, self- awareness).

The goal of the Experiential Emotions-focused Workshops is to cultivate well-being skills through our experiences. We will learn to relate experiences to our emotions, to manage and express what we feel as well as to invest and strive for an enhanced quality of life.

What are we going to do?

  • Experiential learning, sharing experiences and enhancing expression
  • Team activities and games
  • Techniques to reduce negative emotions and stress
  • Wellbeing skills cultivation techniques

The first workshop for this year started very passionately and we are looking forward to the next sessions!

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